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npm Libraries ‘colors’ and ‘faker’ Sabotaged in Protest by their Maintainer—What to do Now?

In what can only be described as one of the most bizarre events in the history of open source, we find that the massively popular open source libraries, colors.js, and faker.js were sabotaged by

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Researcher Takes Over qr.js via Repo Hijacking. Is the npm Package Safe?

We can’t end this year without talking about open source package hijacks one more time.

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Log4j Exploits werden jetzt zur Verbreitung des Banktrojaners Dridex verwendet

As the log4j vulnerability disclosures come out, and ongoing exploitation in the wild is on, we have been closely monitoring developments and tracking the gap between the disclosures and how fast


Log4shell in Zahlen – Warum versetzte CVE-2021-44228 das Internet in Aufruhr?

On Friday, the news broke about Log4Shell, an easy-to-exploit vulnerability being exploited across the world. We have kept our blog from Friday up to date with the latest news, mitigations and

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Critical New 0-day Vulnerability in Popular Log4j Library Discovered  with Evidence of Mass Scanning for Affected Applications - Latest updates

News broke early Friday morning of a serious 0-day Remote Code Execution exploit in log4j - CVE-2021-44228- the most popular java logging framework used by Java software far and wide. This type of


Tracking the ‘Noblox.js’ npm Malware Campaign

A new malicious package, noblox.js-rpc was spotted on the npm registry this month that leverages the same techniques we saw before to steal all sorts of sensitive data like credentials, files, and


NPM Hijackers at it Again: Popular ‘coa’ and ‘rc’ Open Source Libraries Taken Over to Spread Malware

Just last week we saw the popular npm package `ua-parser-js` get hijacked. Malicious actors gained access to the project maintainer’s npm account and published malicious versions that attempted to

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Falsches npm Roblox API-Paket installiert Ransomware und sorgt für eine böse Überraschung

The world was just coming to terms with the “ua-parser-js” npm library hijacking incident, and Sonatype’s discovery of crypto-mining malware from last week, when we found a bigger, and spookier,

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Popular npm Project Used by Millions Hijacked in Supply-Chain Attack

Last week, Sonatype reported our discovery of three malicious npm cryptomining packages on npm: klow, klown, and okhsa. These packages, which infiltrated the npm registry between October 12th and

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Newly Found npm Malware Mines Cryptocurrency on Windows, Linux, macOS Devices

Update: Following our disclosure of these malicious packages, the legitimate library "ua-parser-js" used by millions was itself was found to be compromised. We have released a subsequent blog post

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From Feature to Vulnerability: a spring-security-oauth2-client Story

Spring Security provides security services for the Spring IO Platform, available on their Github repository. Today we focus on the “oauth2” client, which provides an application with the

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This npm Package Could Have Brought Down Cloudflare’s Entire CDN and Millions of Websites

Cloudflare has patched a critical vulnerability in its open source content delivery network, CDNJS. The issue threatened the security, integrity, and availability of the wider supply chain.