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Image of bitcoin breaking through a dollar bill

Newly Found npm Malware Mines Cryptocurrency on Windows, Linux, macOS Devices

Sonatype’s automated malware detection system has caught multiple malicious packages on the npm registry this month. These packages disguise themselves as legitimate JavaScript libraries but were

Image of a line of cones with one knocked over

From Feature to Vulnerability: a spring-security-oauth2-client Story

Spring Security provides security services for the Spring IO Platform, available on their Github repository. Today we focus on the “oauth2” client, which provides an application with the

Image of a raining cloud representing the Cloudflare critical vulnerability

This npm Package Could Have Brought Down Cloudflare’s Entire CDN and Millions of Websites

Cloudflare has patched a critical vulnerability in its open source content delivery network, CDNJS. The issue threatened the security, integrity, and availability of the wider supply chain.

Image of a Python representing a PyPi Cryptomining Malware attack

Sonatype Catches New PyPI Cryptomining Malware

Sonatype has identified malicious typosquatting packages infiltrating the PyPI repository that secretly pull in cryptominers on the affected machines.

8 Malicious Packages Found in npm

Open Source Attacks on the Rise: Top 8 Malicious Packages Found in npm

I get asked often what Sonatype's automated malware detection system, Release Integrity, has found so far. Great question!

Linux & Mac Malware Bundled within Browserify npm Brandjack Attempt

Damaging Linux & Mac Malware Bundled within Browserify npm Brandjack Attempt

Over the weekend, Sonatype spotted a rather unique malware sample published to the npm registry, within a day of its release on npm.

CVE-2021-22114 Spring-integration-zip

Deep Diving into CVE-2021-22114 Spring-integration-zip Path Traversal

Guess who's back? Earlier this month, CVE-2021-22114 in spring-integration-zip, returned for the second time to cause havoc.

PHP and netmask software supply chain attacks

Netmask Flaw Leaves Millions Vulnerable While a PHP Git Server is Hacked in Software Supply Chain Attack

We’ve seen so many software supply chain attacks in recent weeks that it’s hard for us to talk about all of them. But, in the last 24 hours, we’ve seen two major issues that are important for

PyPI and npm see flood of dependency Confusion Copycats

PyPI and npm Flooded with over 5,000 Dependency Confusion Copycats

This week, a vigilante actor flooded PyPI and npm repositories with nearly 5,000 dependency confusion packages.

new dependency confusion packages published to the npm ecosystem are malicious in nature.

Newly Identified Dependency Confusion Packages Target Amazon, Zillow, and Slack; Go Beyond Just Bug Bounties

Sonatype has identified new “dependency confusion” packages published to the npm ecosystem that are malicious in nature.

Sonatype Spots Malicious npm Packages Copying Novel Software Supply Chain Attack

Sonatype Spots 275+ Malicious npm Packages Copying Recent Software Supply Chain Attacks that Hit 35 Organizations

Just three days ago on February 9th, Sonatype released our findings on Alex Birsan’s research in which he used the “dependency or namespace confusion” technique to push his malicious

Dependency Hijacking Software Supply Chain Attack

Dependency Hijacking Software Supply Chain Attack Hits More Than 35 Organizations

Today, news broke that a security researcher managed to breach systems of over 35 tech companies in what has been described as a novel software supply chain attack.


CursedGrabber strikes again: Sonatype spots new malware campaign against Software Supply Chains

On January 16th, Sonatype became aware of 3 malicious packages that were published to npm, and leveraged brandjacking and typosquatting techniques that we  previously warned about.