Shift Left Grows from Objective to Best Practice

Cloud and open source are eating the world — making the life of a modern CTO more challenging. As software development continues to evolve, we’re all seeing the lines between ops, security and dev teams blurring. Join our first installment of the CTO Talks series to hear from Brian Fox, CTO at Sonatype, and Josh Stella, CTO at Fugue, as they share insights into trends impacting modern development:

  • What’s on the horizon for developers and security teams in 2021 and how are CTO’s guiding their teams?
  • How are they preparing developers to defend their applications on the front lines of cybersecurity battlefields?
  • What’s being done to ensure non-functional application requirements can be met without adding to the work of heavily burdened developers?

Hear From Our Experts

Brian Fox
Josh Stella
CEO, formally CTO
Sonatype Envelope

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